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How to get from Varanasi to Nepal by public transport. Indian boy is looking out of a train.

How to get from Varanasi to Nepal by public transport

If you want to know how to get from Varanasi to Nepal by public transport there are two options to get to Sunauli which is the most convenient Indian town with a border checkpoint at the Indian/Nepalese border.

It isn’t as difficult as it sounds because and in this post we explain you how:


The train and bus option

1. Train to Gorakhpur

The train leaves Varanasi shortly after midnight and arrives in Gorakhpur at 6am.

Price for the Sleeper Class: about 200 Rupees (2,50€)

Info: You need to reserve that train well in advance because there is high demand






From Gorakhpur you have to take a bus to Sunauli the town where you can find the border checkpoint.

2. Bus from Gorakhpur to Sunauli

Price: about 250 Rupees (3,20€)
Travel time: 4 hours


The bus only option

Bus from Varanasi Junction to Sunauli

The Bus leaves at 7pm and arrives at 4am at the border (the Indian Immigration opens at 5am)

You can either book that bus on Redbus or you can just show up at 6pm at the bus station near Varanasi Junction to get a seat.
We suggest you to go earlier than 6pm because you can’t reserve a seat at the bus station.

If you want to do the option without a reservation, go there early enough to be in front of the queue to secure a seat. We recommend to be theretwo hours earlier.





The bus ticket costs around 740 Rupees (9,25€).


Which of the two is the easiest way of how to get from Varanasi to Nepal by public transport

We personally decided to go by bus only because all the trains were fully booked for many days and it was the easiest and fastest way.

The negative part is that it is a regular bus and some people may have issues sleeping during the night drive.

The train + bus combination is definitely the best choice comfort wise.

In the end it’s your decision:
Fast, easy and uncomfortable or comfortable but more time consuming.


How to get to your next destination

When you crossed the border, you will find many bus options to all the different places in Nepal like Kathmandu, Pokhara or the national park Chitwan.

The ticket to Kathmandu for example costs between 350 to 720 Nepalese Rupees (2,60€ – 5,30€)


We wish you a save journey! 🙂

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