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The ultimate Varanasi guide: Varanasi view from the Ganges river.

The ultimate Varanasi Guide


The ultimate Varanasi Guide for India’s oldest and holiest city which is buzzing with pilgrims.

The Hindu people believe, that when their body get’s „buried“ in the Ganges river in Varanasi, they will go straight to Nirvana (paradise), this makes the city the best place to experience the Hindu and local culture.

There is something to see and explore in every corner, especially at the Ghats at the Ganges river.


What to do – the ultimate Varanasi Guide



Boat ride

We highly recommend a boat tour on the Ganges to experience a gorgeous view on the different Ghats.

You can start the boat ride any time but most people either go for sunrise or sunset.

We suggest you the sunrise ride because it‘s much more quiet, the temperature is great and on top you will see (hopefully) a beautiful sunrise.

You can book the tour with your accommodation but they will charge around 500 Rupees (6,25€).

Better go directly to your nearest Ghat and you will get approached by boat captains offering you a ride. The price will be around 200 – 250 Rupees per person, depending on your negotiation skills.


Evening Ceremony at the Dashashwamedh Ghat

This is one of the main attractions for locals and tourists.

It starts at 7pm but get’s really busy therefore we suggest to go there latest at 6pm.

You can either watch the whole ceremony from a standing position or you can buy the space of a seat on one of the boats which are docked right in front of the Ghat.

We were totally fine with our view while standing and only suggest a seat when you can’t stand for an hour.


Cremation (Burning) Ghats

This may not something for everybody.

As mentioned in the intro, the goal for every Hindu in India is to get cremated in Varanasi.

There are two Ghats where this is happening:



It’s a interesting spectacle and if you are respectful you are welcome to watch.

But please take care: People will approach you and ask if you want to donate wood to the poor families for the cremation. Don’t do any business with them because they will charge you much more than the real price.


Strolling around and exploring

Beside the boat ride we enjoyed the most just strolling around in the different Ghats and experience local life.


Where to stay


We stayed at the Moustache Hostel and we were happy but they could improve the cleaning.

Maybe they changed that already.

Moustache Varanasi*


Where to eat


Our top restaurants choices are the following places which we highly recommend:

Vegan & Raw ← if you crave good cheese, go there! It tastes so amazing.

Ashish Cafe

Cozy Corner

Open Hand Cafe


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