Khao Sok – three day itinerary | Thailand

canoe on the river Sok in the Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok – are we in Jurassic Park?

a three day itinerary


Do you know that feeling when a place is so breathtaking your mind is busy focusing on handling all these impressions, that you forget all your worries and problems for the moment?

That’s how we felt when we entered the Khao Sok National Park.

The lush green virgin rain forest and the picturesque lime stone mountains make this place so special.

The Khao Sok National Park is located in the Surat Thani province in the South of Thailand and is a remnant which is older and more diverse than the Amazon rain forest and is the home of animals like elephants, tigers and tapirs.


Where did we stay


tree house in a lush green environment Khao Sok Thailand

We wanted to stay at an authentic place which fits to the jungle vibe and is located in the nature.

Our Jungle Camp, a sustainable Eco resort, had everything we were looking for:

– located in a green lush environment
– great food <- they even have their own farm and practice from the farm to the table
– warm and welcoming hospitality

On top of all that, the resort is giving back by hosting school classes to educate the kids about our nature and sustainable living.

Our accommodation was a two story tree house with a view on the river Sok:

The perfect place to relax and finding rest which we didn’t want to leave.

If you want to book your stay at Our Jungle Camp or if you want to get more information about which steps they do for sustainability, click here.


What to do


From different day tours to over night stays on a floating house in the middle of the Cheow Lan lake, there is so much to do.

The following activities were perfectly organized for us by Our Jungle Camp and fit great in a three day itinerary:


Cheow Lan lake trip

girl on boat with limestone mountains in the background Khao Sok Thailand

This was our highlight of the activities we did in the Khao Sok National Park.

A long tail boat brought us to one of the floating house camps in the middle of the lake where we enjoyed the views of the Karst mountains on the way.

At the camp we had a tasty lunch and went out with a kayak to explore the lake by our own, which was great.

There was the opportunity to explore a nearby cave but we enjoyed the kayaking so much so we decided to stay.

After an afternoon snack we headed back but with more time there is also the possibility to stay overnight in the camp.


Elephant encounter

elephant in the jungle Khao Sok Thailand

This is a highly discussed topic and the manager of our accommodation ensured us that Our Jungle Camp only works together with responsible camps where the animal well being is the top priority and riding is not tolerated.

Our trip started with feeding two gentle giants bananas and sugarcane,  which they totally love.

Because it was a hot day we brought them to the nearby river to cool down and give them a scrub and ended the visit with preparing medicinal treats for them which include different herbs rich of vitamins.

Being so close and having contact to elephants was a special and unforgettable experience for us.


Cooking class

different ingriedients for the Thai cooking class in Khao Sok

We love Thai food and it`s our favorite Asian cuisine.

No wonder we were excited about the cooking class.

We started off with picking most of our ingredients in the local organic farm and then learning how to prepare Thai red Curry, Thai duck egg omelette and banana flower fritters.

Did you ever hear about banana flowers?

It`s the purple cone shaped part of the banana plant and is full of health benefits.

The food was so delicious and we will definitely use our new skills back home.

Thai food in bamboo cooked in a cooking class


Canoeing/tubing on the river Sok

monkey sitting on bamboo

You wanna do something for an hour or two?

Hop in a tube or on a canoe and float down the river Sok to spot some wildlife.

Two minutes after we started we saw already a python and a family of cheeky monkeys.


Other activities

Beside the activities we did, there is so much more to do in the Khao Sok National Park:

  • overnight jungle camping treks
  • bird watching
  • night safaris
  • full and half day hikes
  • Raflesia hikes
  • hot springs
  • or to fully relax: massages

You won`t get bored. 😉


How to get there


The closest airport is Surat Thani in the South of Thailand.

From there it`s only a two hour bus ride (about 7,60€) to the Khao Sok National Park.

When coming from Bangkok you have to go to Surat Thani first (flight, bus, train) and then from there to Khao Sok.


We can highly recommend Khao Sok and it should be on every Thailand itinerary.

Tip: Don’t travel abroad without an insurance.
If you want to know which we are using, have a look here.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your encounter with elephants! It was probably my best experience emotionally speaking while traveling in Thailand.

    I have always loved animals in general, but being so close to such a wonderful animal, and learning how they behave, how they interact, how they survive.. It was much more interesting and moving than I expected.

    Anyway, I didn’t go to Khao Sok while in Thailand, but you make me regret it now ! 🙂 🙂


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