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Mindo Guide: a girl is doing canyoning with the help of a guide

Mindo Guide


Ecuador is famous for the Galapagos Islands, but there is so much more to explore like the the cloud forest which is just a short ride from the capital Quito away. Did you hear about this place before? This lush green environment is one of our favorite places in Ecuador and therefore should be on everybody’s itinerary. That’s why we prepared this Mindo Guide for you.



What kind of place is Mindo?


Imagine standing on a view point enjoying the view of lush green forests and tree covered mountains while clouds and fog is rolling underneath you, breathing fresh clean air and listening to the sounds of exotic birds:

All this, paired with a mix of relaxed and adventure activities and culinary experiences, is Mindo.

Mindo is one of our favorite places in Ecuador which we can recommend to everybody because we love the relaxed vibe, the nature and all the activities Mindo has to offer.

Therefore we wrote this Mindo Guide so that all the readers will have their best time in Mindo.


How to get there


Mindo is located West of Quito and not really far away so even a day trip is possible.

How to get there by car:
Depending on the traffic it will take about 1,5 – 2 hours to arrive in Mindo by car.

How to get there by public transport:
The bus company Flor del Valle has multiple rides a day to Mindo. You can catch the bus at the Ophelia bus terminal in the North of Quito.
The bus ride will take around 2 hours and will cost around 3,10$.


Where to stay


Casa de Piedra*

a couple is looking at each other in front of a house
This beautiful lodge is located in a quiet corner of Mindo, only a 2 minutes walk away from the center of the village.
The lodge offers high standard and well designed cabins, a refreshing pool, pool table and kicker table for some game nights and a healthy, delicious and filling breakfast for a great start into the day.



Mindo Guide: a couple is hugging at each other in front of a pool
The Terrabambu lodge is located a bit outside of the village in the middle of the nature and offers in our opinion the best view of the surrounding area.
The chance to see exotic birds or animals like Guatusas is pretty high.
The lodge offers beautiful designed cabins, has a refreshing pool and a pool table.
We suggest you to have your own vehicle if you stay here.


Where to eat


The Food Studio

Mindo Guide: healthy food on a plate
Do you love the “from the farm to the table” concept and healthy and fresh ingredients are important for you?
Then this is your place to dine.
The Food Studio changes the delicious menu day by day with ingredients from the surrounding farms.


El Quetzal de Mindo

Mindo Guide: Cocoa fruitFrom traditional dishes like Guinea Pig to perfectly seasoned ribs with Yucca puree (you have to try this), you can’t go wrong with El Quetzal de Mindo.
And after enjoying your food, treat yourself with some chocolate from the in-house chocolate factory.


What to do – Mindo Guide


Bird watching

Mindo Guide: a Tulcan in a tree
Mindo is the home of more than 500 bird species and the paradise of every bird watcher.
We can highly recommend our guide Irman Arias who is not only enthusiastic about them, he can also answer you everything bird question you may have.
You can reach him via Tel: +503 991 708 720


Learn about butterflies

Mindo Guide: a couple is looking at butterflies
Mindo is not only home of birds but as well of different species of butterflies. Unfortunately many of them are endangered for this reason there are projects like Nuevo Mariposario Mindo who dedicate themselves to protect these beautiful animals and also to teach visitors about their life cycle and much more.


Visit the Minjoy Park

Mindi Guide: A girl is enjoying the view from the cable carDo you remember the view point we mentioned in the beginning of this Mindo Guide?
You can reach it with the cable car in the Minjoy Park where you will already admire the views on the way to the top.

a couple is hugging each other
And when you have enough of the views (or you are like us and literally can’t get enough of it) then you can have some fun time inside an inflatable ball on a pond and try to bounce against each other. But trust us, to stand on your feet and to keep balance is not easy. 😀


Slide down a zip line

Mindo Guide: a man is doing zip lining
When you need adrenaline during your vacation, then this is your activity.
Imagine yourself speeding down zip line while enjoying the views of the lush green environment: an unforgettable experience.
There are different zip line providers as well but regarding the safety etc. we can recommend Mindo Canopy.
You can also learn something about coffee harvesting and the art of preparing coffee here. At the end of the tour you can taste some delicious coffee prepared from their own coffee beans.

Mindo - guide a girl smelling coffee beans



Mindo Guide: a girl is doing canyoning with the help of a guideDid you ever want to do abseiling from the top of waterfalls and feel the adrenaline kicking? If yes, then you shouldn’t miss to check out Canyoning in Mindo and enjoy the adrenaline rush.
Contact Agencia Mindo for reliable guides for the best experience.


Chocolate tour
Do you love chocolate as much as we do? But do you really know how chocolate is made?
El Quetzal de Mindo offers you the opportunity to learn how cocoa was prepared by cultures like the Maya’s and how chocolate is produced now days in the in-house chocolate factory followed by sample testing. Be prepared for delicious and unique chocolate products. 😉


Other things to do in Mindo:


Hike to some waterfalls
There are seven easily by hiking accessible waterfalls which all wait to be discovered by you.
Tip: Wear long clothes and put on mosquito repellent otherwise you may end with a ton of bites.


Mindo is located right next to a river which has the same name: Mindo. Hence on this river you can do Tubing (going down the river on tubes tighten together) from level 1 to 3.
Attention: Don’t do tubing after heavy rainfall because of possible dangerous situations.



Tip: Don’t travel abroad without an insurance.

If you want to know which we are using, have a look here.


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