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Vounteering in Africa: kids from volunteering home in africa smiling

Volunteering in Africa – Our experience

Many people would like to do volunteering in Africa and there are a lot different opportunities, but the sad reality is that some of the agencies only want your money and don’t have the intention and value their image does convey.

Especially the huge selection, makes it difficult to choose the right agency/program.

We personally were in the same situation: We knew we wanted to volunteer but, as we say in German, we didn’t see the forest among all the trees.

Our suggestion is to search for independent opinions of volunteers and then to decide if that’s the right place for you.

In our situation we had a friend who was volunteering at that time in Nairobi and because she was so happy with the place and her deeds, we decided to help at the Good Samaritan in Nairobi Kenya as well.

The Good Samaritan

volunteering in Africa: smiling kids from orphanage in Nairobi Kenya


The Good Samaritan is a children’s home and school in the Soweto slum in Nairobi with the focus on the well being of currently around 80 kids aged from two weeks to 19 years.

The children and young adults are provided with food, shelter, clothes, education and guidance.

A home where the kids feel protected and loved is the aim.

Because the Good Samaritan is purely funded by donations, any help is needed.

How to help:

– supporting the teacher during class hours
– helping the children doing their homework
– helping out in the kitchen
– spending time and playing with the kids
– organizing and doing activities
– creating media content for advertising purpose
– donations (money or goods)

Our experience:

We wanted to do volunteering in Africa with children and found the perfect place at the Good Samaritan.

Spending time with these funny kids was an eye-opening and unforgettable experience.

Giving back to them and seeing the smiles on their faces is a feeling unmatched by anything else.

We played for many hours and even had some conversations about their dreams and plans for the future.

During that time we produced video content which will be used by the organization to get more attention.

The work shop


Next to the children’s home is the workshop with different power tools.
The current project is to fight plastic waste and teach the community about a different usage of old plastic like making strings or windows out of plastic bottles.

Even though Kenya is doing already a good job in prohibiting plastic bags, there is still a huge amount of plastic waste which pollutes our nature.

The earnings of the workshop finances the high costs of the orphanage.

How to help:

Volunteers are welcome to realize any project which helps to make our planet cleaner and greener and supports the community.

Zindua Ruzral


Kenyans tend to leave the rural areas to live in the big cities Nairobi and Mombasa.
This causes many farm lands to be unused.

The goal of the newest project Zindua Ruzral is to educate people about trees and plants which can grow and survive on Kenya’s dry land and which will provide future farmers with an income. Additionally this make Kenya greener.

Future profit of this project will finance the orphanage.

How to help:

Any help and ideas which can get this project further are needed.


The costs for accommodation (shared room) and food is 150$ per month, there are no further volunteer charges.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay for a whole month.

Short stays are possible as well.


If you are interested to volunteer/donate or to get further information you can write an e-mail:


Do you have experience with volunteering in Africa?
Let us know in the comment section.

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