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Our BiteMojo experience in Tel Aviv

Let’s eat!


Where are the foodie brothers and sisters out there?
Where are the foodies who love to taste all the different food and beverages when traveling?

Do you know that feeling when there are so many different food options, you don’t know where to start?

That’s how we felt in Tel Aviv’s area Florentin:
A hip area with many bohemian cafés and a huge variety of different cousins.
The selection is huge therefore we felt a bit lost to be honest.

Luckily we had the chance to check out the Hipster Tel Aviv tour provided by BiteMojo.


What is BiteMojo and how does it work?


BiteMojo is an app with a variety of self-guided food tours in different cities.

It’s really easy to use:

You select the city and tour you like to do, pay for it, go to the starting point and enjoy the walk and the feast.

When you reach a designated food/beverage stop you tap on “claim bite” and show it to the waiter and when you are finished the GPS map will show your the next stop.

On the way you will have some informative breaks where you will learn some interesting facts about the area and the history.

Important information: You need to be online to claim your bites. Cellular data would be the easiest way but we managed it with different WiFi connections, even though our second stop didn’t have WiFi.


Our BiteMojo experience


As mentioned we did the Hipster Tel Aviv tour.
The walking distance is pleasantly 1.8km and the tour brought us to six different spots.

We started with some fruit gazoz (natural lemonade), followed by bourekas, fish and chips, french style crepes (of course we went with Nutella crepes), sliced pickled beets and sweet potato chips and finished the tour with delicious coffee and a peanut butter ball.


Our Opinion:

We really like the concept and the usability.
Normally we prefer to explore places by our own but it’s self guided therefore it doesn’t feel like a conventional tour.
And maybe we wouldn’t have found some of the places without the app.

Most of the food we had was really good and tasty but that’s personal taste and of course can vary from person to person but for sure everybody will finish the tour with a full belly.


Tip: Don’t travel abroad without an insurance.

If you want to know which we are using, have a look here.


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