Instagram Hashtag Guide – How to use Hashtags in 2020

Instagram Hashtag Guide

Instagram Hashtag Guide – How to use Hashtags in 2020


With the current Instagram algorithm, hashtags are more important than ever. Therefore we provide you this Instagram Hashtag Guide.

When you follow the rules below you will definitely see a change in your hashtag reach.

Let’s jump right into it and boost your hashtag reach. šŸ˜‰


What are Hashtags


Hashtags are key words people are using on the internet or in our case on InstagramĀ to find relevant content they are looking for.

There are hashtags for literally every subject and niche you could think of:

From popular destinations like #tulum or #bali to really super niche ones like #bakingsunday.


Which Hashtags should you use


Use relevant hashtags

Instagram has really intelligent and judicial Image Recognition Software which scans every post.

Let’s assume you post a photo from the Eiffel Tower but you use hashtags which are totally not related to it like #carsofinstagram. The software detects and flags your post as spam which causes a lower hashtag reach or a tanked post with no reach at all.

Therefore always use hashtags which are relevant to the photo you want to post.

Note: Wrong location related hashtags will be detected as well like in our case #bali instead of #paris.


Never use banned hashtags

Instagram bans some hashtags totally.
That is the result of a hashtag spammed with inappropriate posts by other users.

When you use a banned hashtag by accident, your post won’t have any reach and it can harm your account on the long run as well.

But don’t worry, you can actually check if a Hashtag is banned:

A hashtag is banned when you look it up on Instagram and the following message appears:


How to use hashtags in 2020 banned hashtag

Avoid using banned hashtags with all cost!


Use a mix of popular and unpopular Hashtags

Your goal for a huge hashtag reach is to get your post on the front page of the hashtags you are using.

But because there are so many Instagram users out there, there are hashtags which are more popular and less popular in case of frequent posting.

Your chance to rank high on a popular hashtag where every couple of seconds somebody is posting a photo is lower than a hashtag which is not that popular. Even if you post outstanding content.
Therefore you should mix popular and non popular hashtags.

You can see how often a hashtag is used when you look it up on Instagram.

Example of a popular hashtag:

Example of an unpopular hashtag:


Don’t use the same hashtags in every post

Many people have prepared hashtags in a note on their phone and use them in every post.
This is a very bad idea because this is seen as spam by Instagram’s AI and you definitely don’t want your account to be flagged.

So rather than repeating the same hashtags, try to use different ones.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repeat your hashtags at all, it means that you should’t use them in consecutive posts.


How many Hashtags should you use


Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post which on the paper looks like a great way to reach many people.

Unfortunately Instagram’s AI is really sensitive, it often sees the usage of 30 Hashtags as a spammy behaviour.

After a lot of testing we found out that the perfect amount of Hashtags is 12 therefore that’s the number of hashtags we recommend you to use.


Where to place your hashtags – Instagram Hashtag Guide


You can either post your hashtag on the bottom of your caption or even as a comment.

Putting them in the caption works the best for us even though it isn’t the most appealing method.

Because in the end of the day it’s about reaching peopleĀ and it looks better with spaces between the normal caption.

Special Tip: The easiest way to add spaces in your caption is to use the Pretty Caption.


As you can see those are really easy changes you can do on your hashtag game.
Let us know about your improvements after applying our How to use Hashtags in 2020 rules, we are really curious.


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