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Flores Guide : traditional caci fighers

Flores Guide


The island of Flores is the closest and most convenient island to visit the Komodo National Park but sadly most people only go to there to see Komodo. But there is much more to see. In this Flores Guide we suggest you a travel route of Flores, what to do at each location and general tips and information which will make your trip easier and more enjoyable.


Travel Route – Flores Guide


Most people fly in via Labuan Bajo for the Komodo National park so we start our suggested travel route of Flores from the west of the island. But of course you can start the route as well from the other side.


1st: Labuan Bajo (approx. 2 – 3 full days)

Flores Guide: Komodo dragon


  • Komodo National Park Tour:
    There are two types of tours:
    – one full day: Padar Island the famous Instagram spot, Rinca Island (for Komodo dragons), Snorkel Spot (depends on the day) and Kelor Island
    – two days one night: Komodo Island (for Komodo dragons), Pink beach, Rinca Island, and Kalong Island (sunset with million flying foxes)
  • Diving
    The diving in the Komodo National Park is world class and famous for the Manta Rays.


2nd: Ruteng (approx. 2 full days)

Chachi fight in Ruteng

  • traditional Caci fight <- highly recommended
    Caci is a serious whip fight in the Ruteng region and when you are lucky there is a fight in one of the surrounding villages. Ask your accommodation if there is a fight at this time.
  • Spider Web rice field
    The name says it all: Rice fields placed like a spider web which make a nice view when they are green
  • Liang Bua aka the Hobbit Cave
    This cave was discovered back in 2003 with skeletal remains of small humanoids.


3rd: Bajawa (approx. 1 full day)

Flores Guide: a couple holding hands in the Bajawa village

  • Traditional villages
    There are many traditional villages scattered around Bajawa. The most famous one is the Bena village.
    The area is really nice for hiking and you can plan a good hike from village to village.
  • Malanage Hot Springs
    What is better than a nice relaxing bath in some hot springs after a long hike? Well, maybe some beer but why not combining both?


4th Moni (1/2 day)


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  • Volcano KelimutuThere is only one reason to stop in Moni:
    To see the stunning Volcano Kelimutu with it’s three different coloured lakes.
    The sunrise is nice there but the early afternoon is better for taking photos of the lakes because then the color of the water is more intense.


Where to next?
Most people go Maumere or Ende to catch a flight.
But maybe you want to explore further east? 😉


How to get around


Public bus and shared car
These two options are the cheapest and cost, based on which leg of the route, between 90k – 130k IDR.
Your accommodation can book both for you and you will get picked up.


Private car with driver
This is the more expensive but as well more comfortable option.
When you book the car and driver for your whole trip you would need to pay about 500k IDR per day.
For single legs the price is a bit higher: about 600k – 700k IDR.


Where to stay


We can’t recommend at every stop some accommodations but we were happy with the following:

Hotel Rima
Monastry Maria Berdukacita <- we didn’t sleep there but a friend was really happy with this lovely place

Cinnamon Homestay

Blue Ocean Cottages


Where to eat


Honestly beside these two really good places in Ruteng, nothing stood out or would be worth to recommend:

Alline Pizza <- good American style pizza

Chacha Restaurant <- Indonesian food



Would you like to have more tips for Indonesia?

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