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Bukit Lawang Guide: Orangutan in the jungle

Bukit Lawang Guide


Did you ever want to see the majestic Orangutans? Then Bukit Lawang is your place to go and in this Bukit Lawang Guide we tell you everything you need to know.

We will inform you in this Guide about everything you need to know and want to ensure that you are well prepared.


About Bukit Lawang


Bukit Lawang is a small village at the edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park in the northern part of Sumatra Indonesia.

This National Park inhabits, beside wild and semi-wild (released animals from a rehabilitation center) Orangutans, as well tigers, elephants and rhinoceros.

The chance to encounter Orangutans is really high, almost guaranteed but the other mentioned animals are rarely seen.


How to get to there:



The nearest airport is Medan and can be reached via a cheap flight directly within Asia or via a domestic flight.

From there you can reach Bukit Lawang via the following options:


Public Transport:

1. ALS bus to Binjai: 40k IDR (2,30€)

This bus runs every 45 minutes from 3am to 10pm and takes about 2 hours.

Exit the airport and go right and you will reach the bus stand.

2. Binjai to Bukit Lawang: 15k IDR (0,90€) <- Based on our own experience, it is super difficult to get that fare. Better expected to get charged about 30 – 40k IDR.

This bus takes about 4 hours.


Private Car:

700k – 800k IDR (between 40 – 50€)

The private car ride will take about 4 hours.


Where to stay


What you have to know first is that you will find many really cheap (under 10€) and good rated accommodations on booking.com.

You may ask why their prices are as low as 2€ for a double room with private bathroom. The reason is that they expect you to book the tour with them and that’s how they earn their money.

If you don’t , the won’t store your luggage or will give you the option for another night because they could fill your spot of the hotel with somebody who books the tour with them.

If you don’t mind to book your tour with your accommodation, feel free to book one of these options.


But if you want to be independent then we can totally recommend to you:

Ida Guesthouse*

The rooms are clean and big, have a good Wifi signal and they focus on their guesthouse instead of selling tours. We really enjoyed our stay there.

Additionally they serve tasty and affordable food.


How to see the Orangutans – Bukit Lawang Guide

Climbing Orangutan in Indonesia.

There is just one thing to do in Bukit Lawang and it is awesome:

Hiking trough the jungle and spot Orangutans and other animals.

Because you can’t just enter the National Park by your own you need a guide.


The most popular tour is the 2d1n tour:

The tour starts at day one around 9am hiking trough the jungle up and down for about 6 – 7 hours (including lunch break and animal watching breaks).

In the afternoon you will reach your camp which is located directly at the river where you can take a refreshing bath and enjoy a delicious dinner.

At day 2 you will visit a small waterfall (not really impressive to be honest), have some more time at the river and then go back to Bukit Lawang via tubing. <- Don’t worry about your electronic gear, the guides are experienced and will pack your belongings safely in plastic bags (no joke! 😀 )

You will be back in Bukit Lawang at around 1pm.

This tour will cost you about 1200k IDR (70€) including tubing, snack, lunch and dinner at day one and breakfast at day two.


We can highly recommend you our guide Erwin. He is a outgoing, friendly and humorous person.

You can contact him directly via WhatsApp:

+62 813 6230 0732


There are also different multi day trip options but we were totally happy with the 2d1n tour.

For more days tours please contact your chosen guide for a quote.

Note: During a multi day trip there is a higher chance to see tigers. But please keep in mind that nobody can foresee nature and it’s not guaranteed that you will encouter them, even when some tour guides promise that.

Our Guide Erwin made the experience that even on 8 days trips, far inside the jungle, the chance to see tigers is super low.


What to bring on your tour:

  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Toothbrush and Paste
  • Long Sleeve for the night
  • Water for your hike to the camp <- Really important, don’t bring less than 2l. Trust us, you will need it.
  • Camera
  • Toilet Paper



We wish you a great time with the Orangutans. 😉

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* = Affiliate-Link, no extra costs for you.


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