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Pushkar Guide: Camel wavon with passangers.

Pushkar Guide


Pushkar Guide for the town which surrounds a holy lake and where a lot of tourists get stuck because of the relaxed vibe.


What to do – Pushkar Guide


The holy lake

Pushkar Guide: The Holy Lake

We highly recommend to walk around the holy lake to observe the Hindu ceremonies and the Ghats.

But please note: It’s not allowed to wear shoes or even place shoes on the floor around the lake. Please be so respectful and carry your shoes in your hands.

It is also not allowed to take pictures of the ceremonies. Even of the lake itself is really difficult because there a signs which say „no photography“ but you will get approached by people who offer you that you can take photos for a donation. Please don’t pay them because the money doesn’t go to the temples. It will go directly in the pocket of the scammer. He also will try to sell you some flowers which you can throw in the water for good luck or will try to bring you to some stores where he will earn a really good commission and you end up paying way to much.

This brings us to point number two:



Pushkar is the paradise for shoppers.

From dresses, to leather bags to typical souvenirs, you will find everything for a cheap price and decent quality.

No worries if you bought too much, to send a package home doesn’t cost a lot and there are a lot of shops who will organize that for you

Please note: Look for a shop who doesn’t charge a handling fee. They all get commission from the freight forwarder and the honest ones don’t charge a fee.


View point Savitri Mata

Pushkar Guide: Savitri Mata view point

The best view-point of Pushkar and the surrounding areas provides the Savitri Mata temple.

The fit people out there can walk up (it will take about 30 Minutes) or you can use the cable car (160 Rupees / 2€)


Finding some monkeys

Yes, there are monkeys in Pushkar! 🙂

You may see them in the town or on the view-point (No. 3) but there is also another spot where you can see them:

Go to the hotel Pushkar Heritage and follow the street further until you reach the dry channel.

Here you can find a family of them and they seem to be nicer than the ones on the view-point.


Where to stay in Pushkar


There are many budget options in Pushkar.

We stayed at the Moustache Hostel because of the perfect location and the relaxing yard.

This hostel is located directly at the popular street and we paid for a double room with private bathroom and AC 800 Rupees (10€).

Moustache Pushkar*


Where to eat in Pushkar


We can highly recommend the following restaurants:


Honey and Spice

This lovely restaurant is specialized on super healthy non processed food and is owned by a lovely older couple.


Laura’s Cafe

This restaurant offers good food for a decent price and has a great view on the Pushkar lake.

We don’t recommend to sit in the far right corner of the balcony because right underneath on the other side of the road are public toilets and the smell of pee can be recognized up there. 😉


Happy Buddha

Small restaurant with four tables and good food for a decent price.


How to get to Pushkar


From Jodhpur:

If you come from Jodhpur there are direct buses to Pushkar.

Price: about 200 Rupees (2,50€)

Duration: 6 hours


From Jaipur:

If you come from Jaipur you have to get to Ajmer first:

Price: about 150 Rupees (1,90€)

Duration: 4 hours

And then you have to take the bus to Pushkar:

Price: about 70 Rupees (0,88€)

Duration: 20 minutes



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