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Jaipur is the capital of the state Rahjastan and called the Pink City.

Why is it called like this?

Because in 1876 Maharaja of Jaipur let the city painted in pink to impress prince Albert and the color is still enforced under a local law.

There is even an Instagram filter called Jaipur and the city looks much more pinkish when you use it. 😀


What to do


Wind Palace



This palace is distinguished by 935 small windows which provide a good breeze (that`s where the name is coming from) and they were designed so that the ladies of the royal court can observe the busy streets of Jaipur without getting watched by the outsiders.

In our opinion it is not necessary to pay the 200 Rupee (2,50€) entry fee and suggest you to enjoy the beauty of this place from the Wind Cafe which is just opposite of the palace.


City Palace



5 minutes by feet from the Wind Palace you will reach the City palace and it shouldn`t be missed.

The whole Palace is decorated in art: From the doors to the walls you will not know where to look at first.

Entry fee:

500 Rupees (6,25€) to enter the palace area only

2500 Rupees (31,25€) to enter the palace itself

We only entered the palace area no the palace itself and it was sufficient for us.

Opening hours:

9 am – 5 pm


Patrika Gate



The gate may be the best place for photo shoots in Jaipur.

And it is actually our favorite location because:

  • not many people are going there
  • there is no entry fee

Opening hours: 24/7


Amer Fort



Only a 20 minutes car ride away from Jaipur is one of the must to do things when you are in the area: The Amer Fort

Entry fee:

500 Rupees (6,25€)

Opening hours:

8am – 9:15pm (break between 5:30pm – 6:30pm)

There is the possibility to ride an elephant up to the fort but please don`t support that.


Stepwell Panna Meena



Near the Amer Fort is a really picturesque stepwell which is great to take some photos.

But please note: To go down the stepwell you have to either get a expensive permission from the Amer Fort or bribe the guard. 😉


Narangarh Fort


It`s not a must do but nice to see and you can combine it with the Amer Fort.

 Entry fee:

200 Rupees (2,50€)

Opening hours:

10am – 5:30pm


Where to stay


The temperatures in Rahjastan can raise really high therefore we recommend you a place with a pool to cool down after a day of sightseeing.

We stayed at the Alsisar Haveli, a beautiful heritage hotel, and were super happy with our stay.

A comfortable and big room, a really nice pool and good WiFi signal to do some online work. We couldn`t ask for more.

You can book your stay here:

Alsisar Haveli*

If you use this link you get 15€ payback from Click here for 15€ Bonus*


Where to eat


We always at the the Hawk View Restaurant.

Don`t miss the delicious and filling Thali when you decide to eat there. 😉


How to get in/out


Jaipur has great flight (national and international), train and bus connections and shouldn`t be any issue.



* = Affiliate-Link Info: No extra costs when you book something!

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