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Amritsar Guide: The golden temple.

Amritsar Guide


Amritsar Guide to the home of the Sikhs is located in the Punjab region in the north of India.

A Sikh is a person associated with Sikhism a monotheistic religion that originated in the 15th century.

You will certainly recognize their big majestic beards.

A Portrait of a Sikh with a big beard.

Amritsar is a buzzing city in the northern part of India, next to the Pakistani border.

There are two major sights which we really enjoyed:


What to do – Amritsar Guide


The Golden Temple

A couple is standing with a Sikh guard in front of the Golden Temple.

The Golden temple is the holiest temple and the most important pilgrimage of the Sikhism. This beautiful temple and shouldn’t be missed, therefor we mention it in our Amritsar Guide.

Beside it’s beauty the most remarkable fact is that the temple caters and hosts people for free.

Each day around 100k people eat delicious Thali (selection of various dishes mostly eaten with rice or flat bread called Chapati) for free and they can even sleep a the guesthouse inside the temple area for free. ← there is a separate guesthouse assigned only for tourists as well

And all that no matter from which country the guests are or which religious and society background they have.

You are highly welcome to stay and eat there and you can also volunteer there,they always need a helping hand.

Donations are more or less expected but nobody is forcing anyone.

Free choice and will.


The Wagha Border Ceremony

This ceremony is held every evening between India and Pakistan.

It’s starts with cheering up and celebrating on each side, which seemed for us like a competition who has the better crowd. Of course the Indian site celebrated louder when we were there. πŸ˜‰

Then the border gate get’s opened and there is an impressive guard show to initiate the lowering of the flags.

How to get there:

The cheapest, easiest and fastest way is to take one of the shared cabs at the entrance of the Golden Temple for 150 Rupees (1,90€) round trip per person. They leave at around 3pm.

You may also get a cheap shared TukTuk for 100 Rupees but it’s quiet a long ride and we wouldn’t recommend it.


Where to eat


To be honest we didn’t find any place which stood out and enjoyed some meals at the Subway restaurant nearby (beside the food at the Golden Temple).

No hate please. πŸ˜€


Where to stay


For the most convenient stay we suggest to stay near the Golden Temple.

There is a high selection of guesthouses and hotels nearby where you can choose from.

But be careful not to get β€žguidedβ€œ by one of the many pushy people near the temple because they will try go you to a hotel where they get a high commission.. They will also tell you that your chosen accommodation is far away or non existing just to bring you to one of their places.

Please do some researches about the exact location when booking a hotel so you don’t have to rely on other people’s help to find it.

We were really happy with our stay:

Treebo Paradise*


How to get there


There are many options to choose from:

Bus, Train or Flight

If you are staying near the Golden Temple and you need to book the train, there is no need to go to the train station outside of the city.

There is an official ticket counter inside the temple area.

Don’t book your train ticket at one of the travel agencies because they charge commission.


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