The how to save money in Taiwan Guide

How to save money in Taiwan: Taiwanese money

The how to save money in Taiwan Guide


Truly Taiwan is more expensive than South East Asian countries aka the typical backpacker destinations but it doesn’t have to be a lot more expensive. In this how to save money in Taiwan Guide we give you tips how to save money when traveling in Taiwan which will hopefully bring more attention to this beautiful country and convince more people to visit it.




– Avoid the bullet train which is, beside flights, the most expensive method of public transport.

– Avoid taxis ← sometimes people will approach you at bus stops to popular tourist destinations and will offer you a taxi/private car ride. Friendly decline and use the public transportation because this is gong to be cheaper.

– Check if a combo ticket, where you have to change the train or bus, is cheaper than a direct connection.

– Do hitchhiking ← Taiwanese people are really friendly and will love to give you a ride. And who knows which new opportunities will open up for you.Pro Tip: Write your destination in Chinese (simple) and plan where vehicles going to your destination would drive along.




– Go to cafeterias for lunch and breakfast where the locals are eating.

– Avoid restaurants and eat street food.

– Cook for yourself rather than eating outside (especially dinner).

– If you want to buy groceries don’t buy them in a convenience store like 7/11. Buy fruits and vegetables at the local markets and other goods in bigger supermarkets.

– Almost every temple has a water tower where you can sip from or fill up your empty bottle. Don’t worry, nobody will send you away or look at you in a strange way



The most important factor in our how to save money in Taiwan Guide


The biggest factor will be Accommodation. With these tips you can save money in Taiwan:

– Try Couchsurfing ← there is a huge community in Taiwanese

– Show up at guesthouses etc. without an online booking (but check the prices online as   well, sometimes they are cheaper on or Agoda)

– Weekends are always more expensive than work days


Tip: Don’t travel abroad without an insurance.

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