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A couple is holding hand in front of Mt Bromo

How to hike Mt Bromo for free Guide


You may think “What?! There is a way how to hike Mt Bromo for free?! Is this even real?”, and yes you read right, there is a way to see this famous volcano without paying a tour or even buy an entry ticket.

If your moral won’t let you do ways around to save money: Don’t read further!

The rest: Please feel free to continue reading. πŸ˜‰


How to get there


The best place to see Mt Bromo is Cemoro Lawang. This little village is easily reachable from Probolinggo which is, thanks to the there located train and bus station, the biggest hub nearby. From there you can either take the local bus or a tourist van for about 40 – 50k ID (2,50€ – 3,00€).


Where to stay


A lot of people stay at Cafe Lava Hostel which is a bit pricey.

We decided to stay at Tengger Indah which isΒ  just around the corner of Cafe Lava and much cheaper. We bargained down to 150k (9,30€) per night for a private room with private bathroom including breakfast. But let’s be honest: The breakfast is bad. We talk about two slices of dry toast, one slice of cheese and a banana. But you don’t plan visit Mt Bromo with the main goal to experience a good breakfast, do you? Overall we were happy with the price and the room.


Where to eat


You can go with the flow and eat as most people at Cafe Lava or, as we did, try some Warungs (local restaurant, mostly hole in the wall style). We went to this lovely and tasty Warung of which we unfortunately don’t remember the name.

But you can’t miss it: It’s the last Warung before the Mt Bromo ticket counter on the left side.


How to hike Mt Bromo for free


Now we come to the point why most of you clicked on this post: How to do Mt Bromo for free.

We recommend the offline map app for better orientation.

There are two main things to do and nobody should miss:

– Sunrise Watching

– Volcano Hiking

How to hike Mt Bromo for free Map

Sunrise Watching

The best sunrise spot in this area is the King Kong Viewpoint (top marker on the picture).

You should start at around 2:30 – 3:00 am for this 4km hike. Bring a good torch preferable head light because there is a passage where you will need both hands to climb. But don’t worry, it’s not that difficult and you also don’t need a high level of fitness.

Walk the street which leads to the restaurant Cemara Indah. It’s the right way when the street is splitting. Just follow it all the way up. If you don’t want to walk the whole 4km there are different view points a long the way.


Volcano Hike

The entry fee to Mt Bromo is on weekdays 217500 IDR (13,50€) and at the weekend 317500 IDR (19,70€).

But now we gonna tell you the secret how to avoid paying the fee and do it totally for free: πŸ˜‰

Enter the parking area of the restaurant Cemara Indah (mid marker) and on the right side of the guard hut there is a small path you have to take. Don’t worry about the guards, they don’t care and are used to it.

Just follow this path and you will reach the Sea of Sand. Cross this plain in the direction of the temple and from there directly to Mt Bromo.

Here you don’t have to worry either because there are no guards.


Enjoy your trip! πŸ™‚

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