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A woman between palms in Siwa

Siwa the unexplored Oasis


When you think about Egypt, does Siwa come to your mind?

Most people will think about Giza, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Hurgadha and maybe the White Desert.

But there is a place which is less traveled by foreign tourists which you should really consider: Siwa the Oasis in the North Western part of Egypt.


Where is Siwa located and how to get there


The Oasis Siwa is located in the North Western part of Egypt near the Libyan border.

From Cairo it’s a 12 hour bus ride with the West & Middle Delta Bus.

It leaves at 10pm from and costs 180 EGP (9,30€).


What to do in there


Where should we start? There is so much to do.

We spent 3.5 days and could have spend at least a week there.


Exploring the picturesque Siwa town

You can get easily around by food or bicycle and observe the local culture.
Huge plus point: The few vendors are really relaxed and you won`t have such a hassle like in other Egyptian destinations.


Visiting the Mountain of the Dead and the Temple of Oracle













The Mountain of the Dead with many Pharaonian tombs. Additionally it provides a great view of the area.

The temple of Oracle was once he main reason to visit Siwa and is still a really interesting sight.

Both share the same ticket but it can only be bought at the Mountain of the Dead.
Price: 100 EGP (5.80 USD)


Going on a desert safari

We in the desert in Siwa











Did you ever cruise around a desert in a 4×4 and felt like in a roller coaster? No? Then this is your chance.

On this tour we stopped at a lagoon in the middle of the desert, went for a swim in a hot spring, enjoyed the sunset from the dunes and slept in traditional desert camp, glancing at the bright stars at night. But our highlight was the beauty of the desert itself.


Relaxing in the natural hot springs followed by a delicious dinner

There is nothing to explain. Pure Relaxation. 😉


Having a swim in the bright blue salt lagoon

Both of us in front of the blue lagoon of Siwa












Siwa is known for harvesting Salt. In this area you can find a salt lagoon which has a similar percentage of salt in the water like the dead sea.

This means: what ever you do, you will float on the surface and the salt is really good for your skin.


Enjoying sunsets at Fatna’s Island

We at the sunset point of Fatnas Island













Imagine yourself sitting comfortable, puffing on a shisha and enjoying the view of aa gorgeous sunset with a lake in front of you.

The perfect way to end a day in Siwa.


Is a tour needed?


You can travel independent around Siwa and organize everything by yourself or you can do it like us and let yourself help by a tour agency.

We had our trip organized by Amazing Siwa and were totally happy with the organization and planning.


Is Siwa safe?


We felt safe the whole time and the border is heavily protected by the Egyptian army.

In our opinion there is no reason not to go.

But of course you should look up the newest information before you leave for Siwa.



Tip: Don’t travel abroad without an insurance.
If you want to know which we are using, have a look here.



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