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Do I need a travel insurance? A white person is gets the blood preasure checked by a black skined doctor

Do I need a travel insurance?

Our experience with travel insurances and our answer to your question.


Do I really need a travel insurance? <- A lot of long term travelers asking themselves this question.

But that`s good because it`s a really important topic which no traveler should ignore.

Can you find yourself in one of the following quotes?

– I never get sick, why would I need an insurance?
– The healthcare in my destination country is so cheap.
– If something is happening I will fly home and get myself treated there.
– I am always careful.
– The insurance is too expensive.

If yes, read my experience and re-think:


I was backpacking trough Latin America and everything was cool until I recognized a unfamiliar bump above my tailbone which caused slightly pain while sitting.
At that time I was in Colombia so I made my way to the hospital to get it checked.
I was shocked when the doctor told me that I have an inflammation which needs to get cut out otherwise it will spread.

To sum it up:

– one full narcosis surgery
– two days stay in the hospital
– four weeks of wound care
Total: 11k USD!

I thought my trip would end there because that was way too much money for me to pay.

Luckily I had a travel insurance which paid the whole costs up front, otherwise my journey would have stopped right there and I would have never met Erika.

We highly suggest getting insured because you can see even when you are really careful that you will never be in an accident, you can still end up with a hospital visit.


What should be covered by a travel insurance


You should make sure that the insurance of your choice covers the following expenses:

  • Medical expenses
    Please check that action sports are covered as well. You don`t have to be a skydiver to have a need of this. For example diving is categorized in the action sport category.
  • Home transport
    in case of a serious injury
  • Medical evacuation
    Imagine you are hiking in the Himalayas and you have an accident which the nearest hospital can`t treat and you have to be brought to a bigger hospital by helicopter/ambulance.
  • Coverage in case of death
    In case of death it can get really expensive for your family to get your body back home.
  • Stolen belongings
    depending on the policy, a certain percentage will be covered
  • Trip cancellation
    The costs will be covered when your doctor certifies that you can`t travel or when your travel partner gets hospitalized or dies


Not a cost but what should be considered is the possibility to extend your insurance during your trip or buy another policy while on the road.


Our choice: HeyMondo*


We chose HeyMondo* as our travel insurance and we are more than happy because all the above mentioned expenses are covered, the price is more than fair and there is a 24/7 chat support where can get in contact a doctor anytime. How awesome is this?

We can totally recommend HeyMondo and you should definitely check it our before you embark on your next trip.

You can get a quote or book your HeyMondo insurance here.*


Save travels and remember: Better save than sorry! 😉

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Have a look here.


* = Affiliate-Link Info: No extra costs for you.



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