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Do I need a travel insurance? A white person is gets the blood preasure checked by a black skined doctor

Do I need a travel insurance?

Our experience with travel insurances and our answer to your question.


Do I need a travel insurance? <- A lot of long term travelers asking them self this question.

But that`s good because it`s a really important topic which no traveler should ignore.

What is your opinion?

Can you find yourself in one of the following quotes?

– I never get sick, why would I need an insurance?
– The healthcare in my destination country is so cheap.
– If something is happening I will fly home and get myself treated there.
– I am always careful.
– The insurance is too expensive.

If yes, read my experience and re-think:


I was backpacking trough Latin America and everything was cool until I recognized a unfamiliar bump above my tailbone.
At that time I was in Colombia so I made my way to the hospital to get it checked.
Unfortunately It was a inflammation which I had to get cut out.

To sum up:

– one full narcosis surgery
– two days stay in the hospital
– four weeks of wound care
Total: 11k USD!









Luckily I had a travel insurance which paid the whole costs up front, otherwise my journey would have stopped there and I would have never met Erika.

We highly suggest getting insured because even when you are really careful, you never know what could and will happen.


What should be covered by a travel insurance


You should make sure that the insurance of your choice covers the following costs:

  • Medical expenses
    Please check that action sports are covered as well. You don`t have to be a skydiver to have a need of this. For example diving is categorized in the action sport category.
  • Home transport
    in case of a serious injury
  • Medical evacuation
    Imagine you are hiking in the Himalayas and you have an accident which the nearest hospital can`t treat and you have to be brought to a bigger hospital by helicopter/ambulance.
  • Coverage in case of death
    In case of death it can get really expensive for your family to get your body back home.
  • Stolen belongings
    depending on the policy, a certain percentage will be covered
  • Trip cancellation
    The costs will be covered when your doctor certifies that you can`t travel or when your travel partner gets hospitalized or dies


Not a cost but what should be considered is the possibility to extend your insurance during your trip or buy another policy while on the road.


Our choice: World Nomads

We chose World Nomads* as our travel insurance and we are more than happy.

All the above mentioned costs and points are covered and the support is flawless.

You can get a quote or book your World Nomads insurance here.*



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* = Affiliate-Link Info: No extra costs for you.



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