Destination Guides

Destination Guides


We provide you with different guides specified on certain locations to provide you with the most important information like what to do, where to stay but even things like common scams etc.

For example if you are planing to go to Bali, don’t miss the beautiful Nusa Islands. Here you can have a read what the top 5 things to do there.

How to save money in Taiwan: Taiwanese money

The how to save money in Taiwan Guide

The how to save money in Taiwan Guide   Truly Taiwan is more expensive than South East Asian countries aka the typical backpacker destinations but it...
a man and a women with glasses in their hands looking at each other

Florentin House Tel Aviv | Israel

Florentin House Tel Aviv   The Florentin House in Tel Aviv with it`s great range of different room types is an excellent place to stay for...
How to extend the visa in Indonesia, German passport.

How to extend the Visa in Indonesia | Guide

How to extend the Visa in Indonesia   Indonesia is a huge country and has so much to offer. We realized fast that 30 days are...
A couple is holding hand in front of Mt Bromo

How to hike Mt Bromo for free Guide | Indonesia

How to hike Mt Bromo for free Guide   You may think "What?! There is a way how to hike Mt Bromo for free?! Is this...
front view of the wind palace

Jaipur Guide – everything you need to know | India

Jaipur Guide   Jaipur Guide for the capital of the state Rajasthan which is also called the Pink City. Why is it called like this? Because in 1876...
Common tourist scams in India: busy Indian street scene with rikshaws.

Common tourist scams in India – be prepared | India

Common tourist scams in India - be prepared   India is a beautiful country: Rich in culture, has great food and friendly locals but in the...
Togean Islands Guide: A girl is snorkeling with a jelly fish.

Togean Islands Guide – everything you need to know | Indonesia

Togean Islands Guide   The Togean islands are an archipelago paradise located in the in the center of the horseshoe shaped Sulawesi Indonesia and are not...
A woman and a man in front of the the Drisco Tel Aviv

The Drisco – the luxurious hotel in Tel Aviv | Israel

The Drisco Tel Aviv   If you are looking for a modern hotel with charm in Tel Aviv, the Drisco Tel Aviv is your place. The building...
The ultimate Philippines Guide: long beach with blue water and many palm trees

The ultimate Philippines Guide

The ultimate Philippines Guide   This is the ultimate Philippines Guide for everybody who plans to visit this dreamlike country but doesn't know where to start...
The ultimate Varanasi guide: Varanasi view from the Ganges river.

The ultimate Varanasi Guide | India

The ultimate Varanasi Guide   The ultimate Varanasi Guide for India's oldest and holiest city which is buzzing with pilgrims. The Hindu people believe, that when their...