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In this section we provide you with Middle East Guides with helpful tips like where to stay, what to do, how to get around etc.

a man and a women with glasses in their hands looking at each other

Florentin House Tel Aviv | Israel

Florentin House Tel Aviv   The Florentin House in Tel Aviv with it`s great range of different room types is an excellent place to stay for...
A woman and a man in front of the the Drisco Tel Aviv

The Drisco – the luxurious hotel in Tel Aviv | Israel

The Drisco Tel Aviv   If you are looking for a modern hotel with charm in Tel Aviv, the Drisco Tel Aviv is your place. The building...
We in front of the temple mount Jerusalem

Jerusalem Guide – all you need to know | Israel

Jerusalem Guide a guide about one of the oldest cities in the world   Jerusalem is not only a pilgrimage destination for Christians, Judes and Muslems but...
Bitemojo experience: a couple is sitting near a window and is looking at each other

Our BiteMojo experience in Tel Aviv | Israel

Our BiteMojo experience in Tel Aviv Let's eat!   Where are the foodie brothers and sisters out there? Where are the foodies who love to taste all the...