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Salsa, Tacos, Ceviche and Cerveza: Welcome to Latin America.
The part of the world from Mexico all the way down to Argentina.

Mexico City Travel Guide: A girl is standing in the historical post office of Mexico City

Mexico City Travel Guide | Mexico

Mexico City Travel Guide   This Mexico City Travel Guide for La Cuidad de Mexico (CDMX) as how the locals are calling it, is for you...
Mindo Guide: a girl is doing canyoning with the help of a guide

Mindo Guide – everything you need to know | Ecuador

Mindo Guide   Ecuador is famous for the Galapagos Islands, but there is so much more to explore like the the cloud forest which is just...
A couple in a pink Cadillac in the streets of Havana Cuba.

Havana Cuba – everything you need to know | Guide

Havana Cuba   Old-timers, Colonial Buildings and Cuba Libre - welcome to Havana Cuba. The charm of this city with all the history and the shiny classic...