Asia Guides

Asia Guides


In this section we provide you with Asia Guides, one of our favorite continents. You will find the most beautiful beaches and the best food there.

Tips for women traveling in India. A girl in a colorful dress standing in the middle of a street in India while a bycicle rikshaw rider is looking at her many pigeons are flying above and in front of her.

Tips for women traveling in India

Tips for women traveling in India   I wrote thisĀ  blog post "Tips for women traveling in India" for all the female travelers out there who...
A couple sitting on a scooter in front of two pagodas in Bagan Myanmar and in the sky there are hot air balloons.

Bagan Guide – everything you need to know | Myanmar

Bagan Guide   Whenever we saw photos of Bagan with the beautiful sunrises and the hot air balloons in the sky, the urge to see it...