About us

Who are we?


Hola, Hallo and Hi,


we are Erika and Marco a Ecuadorian/German couple.

Our passion? Traveling, Social Networks and content creation.

To discover different and new cultures and countries independently with our Mochilas (backpacks) is what we enjoy the most.

During our trips we make many experiences which we want to share with you in photos, videos and blog posts.

Our goal is to inspire you to travel and give you tips for your next trip.

Feel free to follow our journey around the world. 🙂




Why did we choose Mochila Monkeys as our name?

Mochila = Spanish word for a backpack

Monkeys =  amazing and funny creatures <- who doesn`t love monkeys? 😉


Our Philosophy:

Living our life’s the fullest and do what we love and enjoy and inspire you to do the same.


Do you have more questions?

Feel free to use our contact form and we will answer them.